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intensity III

Intensity III: The Tower of London (163)

03/05/2015, London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 This is the 3rd sketch from the trip I made to London in 2015 (1st [link to 153], 2nd [link to 154]). Today’s scene portraits a spot of the city where the old and the modern architecture meet: The Tower of London. The Tower of London served as a castle, prison, fortress, royal palace and many other things. In medieval times it was said that “no one escapes from the Tower of London”. However, on August 1, 1323, Roger Mortimer did escape, thus taking refuge in France and becoming the lover of the English Queen Isabella of France, married to Edward II. This escape and the story of love with Isabella was one of the strongest ingredients for the beginning of the 100 years war between England and France. Everything is thoroughly described in the 5th and 6th books of “The Cursed Kings” by Maurice Druon. When I made this trip I was reading (actually, re-reading) The Cursed Kings (you can see in the background of the picture the 2nd book “The Strangled Queen” – in Spanish “La Reina Estrangulada”). The seven books of this series traveled with me during those days, as I found them the perfect complement to visit France and England. But tell me dear reader… Which books would you bring for travelling through France and England?What do you think about this meetings of medieval and modern architecture? Good evening 🌚 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

A world of perspectives (162)

11/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Salue, chère lectrice! Another amazing day at the Mauerpark is over. Today’s experience has filled me with great numbers and feedback from my customers. I have sold out of several motifs and drawing sizes, so this week I will need to replenish my stock quite urgently. At some point during the day I was thinking: how glad I am to have as my “job” an activity where I am not told what to do, I am not criticised or envied (or at least not openly 😂), where the “colleagues” I have around are great and kind to me… and where everything goes smoothly… During the last part of the market, a friend came over and helped me with the selling and packing. She really got into the role and after a few customers she was already explaining and interacting with them very naturally. At some point I also had the lovely visit from I., who came by to greet me with her bright smile. All in all, a splendid day! But tell me dear reader… How was Sunday?What do you think about the distribution of the stand? Good evening 🦉🛸 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

Learning to fly

Learning to Fly (161)

22/11/2020, Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹 Today I spoke about you. Actually, I remember you very often. You are like a tattoo in my mind, my life, my words, and in my idea of life and death. You are like the fusion of several things that look like something, but in reality are none of them if one looks at the whole. The day I drew this was your birthday, and you were already very close to leaving this world. Probably, you already knew that… probably, you were trying to shout it out loud so that someone would save you at the last minute… or probably, you were intentionally avoiding all that, so that no one would feel pity for you. You are nowhere. You are everywhere. Since the year 2020. And since 2021. Today, I almost cried again remembering your eyes, your despair after work and before being hugged. You flew, although you never took off. You went deep into the ground, although you became air. Hermetic message, cryptographic lines dedicated to a person who will never read it. Evident feelings of the incomprehensible pain of knowing that you no longer breathe. But tell me dear reader… … nothing… today, better not to say anything else. Good night ❤️ NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

And if I become very tiny?

And if I become very tiny? (159)

Ink and pencils 11/03/2016, Salerno, Italy 🇮🇹 Do you remember, dear reader, those days when I used to teach drawing in Italy? [link to 068]. Today’s drawing is another exercise I used to give. In this case, the focus was to think of everyday things as something different. With that aim, I used to invite students to use their own phone and to draw it several times, changing the point of view and making compositions as if they were buildings of a city. The game was to see something as familiar as their phone and see it as an ant would see it. By changing the point of view, students are likely to better understand the relationship between the external morphology of a building (e.g. when viewed from a taller building), and the quality of the interior space (i.e. when they enter and experience the building as human beings). I used to do these kind of explorations since I was very young: I remember making drawings of my parents’ house as if I were seeing it from a bird’s perspective, and then switching to a very low viewpoint, as a child would see the same house. But tell me dear reader… With what daily element would you like to create a city?How will you call a sunrise with a rising apple? Applerise? Good evening 🥰🫶🏻🍹 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

Impossible Things Alt 01 (I)

Impossible Things Alt 01 – I (158)

07/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Today I did another photogrammetry [link to 146] for getting the clean structure of the drawing #ImpossibleThings. After finishing the work I was thinking in which size should I print it for the weekend and in the meantime I got an idea: During more than 6 months Criptolandia community has been giving me lots of valuable information and support about the crypto world: quality twitter threads, YouTube videos, drops alerts… and not just that, but also a wonderful company as community 🥰🫶🏻 So here is the thing: during the next weekend I’ll meet in real life two of the founders of this community, @Juanpi and @PIcciano. I thought that this occasion would be wonderful for giving back something to them: a #phygital alternative version of Impossible Things. We don’t know the details of the drop yet (we are working on it!) but there is something sure: I need to have the artwork ready. I decided to try something “new” and to colour the “just baked” structure using digital painting. Disclaimer: do not reproach me dear reader for my way of doing digital colour with vectors. I accept I’m not the most productive guy with this (I used to do the same process with Corel Draw when I was 12, it sees I haven’t learnt anything at all…). But tell me dear reader… Once finished, which tonality of colours would you use?Any tip or lessons for using Illustrator better? 🤓 Good evening 🌚 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

A Wizard Without a Shadow full recap

A Wizard Without A Shadow (Full Recap) (157)

06/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Today I edited the complete time lapse video of A Wizard Without A Shadow. I wanted to see and share with you all the whole process. It has been a pleasure to go through it. Thanks to this, I relive how the creative meetings started, first alone, then also with good company. These creative breakfasts help me to cure that nostalgia we all have when we say: “oh, I would love to have more time for (insert your favourite thing here)”. I don’t want to reach 70 and just then say “I can draw now”. In reality… who can guarantee that I will be able to do it at that age? Our life is a set of daily habits. If we don’t have time to do something we like, to meet the people we love, to travel where we want, it’s because we make all sorts of excuses to do it: “maybe next year”, “Sure! Tomorrow I’ll start”, “One day, but not today”, “When children grow up”. However, this is not a call to the folly of dropping everything and hitting the road with a backpack with no rhyme or reason. Without a real purpose to take ownership of our lives that won’t work either. Instead, I’m talking about being aware of the small details of our daily lives, the awareness that one day for ourselves doesn’t hurt anyone. I’m saying that people who really love you will support you in finding more time instead of making your life more busy and complicated. But tell me dear reader… How many days do you dedicate to yourself?What do you think of Diego’s song, isn’t it beautiful? Good evening 🌚 Recap Un Mago Sin Una Sombra © Lufo Art, 2023 Posts + Stories Videos NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

A Wizard Without a Shadow session IV

A Wizard Without A Shadow (IV) (107)

17/04/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 “A Wizard Without A Shadow” is officially finished after 4 creative breakfasts, session I, session II, session III, and session IV, today. Today I had not only the – now infallible – company of Juliët, but also the company of Tineke. The three of us we enjoyed a long (very long!) and pleasant breakfast at Belle Alliance, enjoying the excellent service and atmosphere of creativity. As you can see in the video, my dear reader, I moved my hands a lot more. That’s the effect of having talked a lot more, something inevitable when I’m with T. With J. instead, we enjoy more the silence. Two different persons, two different ways of sharing the creativity. The Wizard Without a Shadow will be scanned within the next few days, printed in high quality, and will be sent as printed + NFT copy of the 1st series to the noble Chaotic Monk (S1 1/2) and the Queen of all fries Jessy Jeanne (S1 2/2). Series 2 will be available in my next markets. But tell me dear reader… What do you think of the final drawing?Did you catch a glimpse of how the cheese cake evaporated in the video? Have a wonderful day 🍳☕️ NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 3rd session

A Wizard Without A Shadow (III) (100)

10/04/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 It is official: I have a tradition of creative breakfasts on Mondays. Today, Juliët joined me again, and dedicated her time to write some nice things that hopefully will see the public light soon 👀. We spent more than two hours, time in which I started to paint A Wizard Without a Shadow. This morning the weather was incredibly nice, a clear perfume of spring in the air, open sky, and lots of sunlight. That’s why Juliët proposed to visit a place with an open terrace: the Kaffeebar Jacobi. What an amazing place! This café is located in the limit of a cemetery near Hermannplatz, but totally covered from the chaos of this spot of the city. The whole session was very pleasant, as people around us were also in a creative / pacific / slow mood either reading, writing or chatting. Next Monday I will do the last session of watercolours, and I will give for finished the drawing (hopefully!). In any case, it looks like this artwork is going to be well received: isn’t even finished yet and L. already asked me for a copy yesterday at the market. But tell me dear reader… How many repetitions do you think we need to define a tradition?Do you like to enjoy a free time near a cemetery? Have a wonderful day 🍳☕️ NFT 🚨🚨 SUPER SPECIAL POST! 🚨🚨 Today’s is a #CelebrationPost : 100 days of daily posts! I feel super grateful with all the Lens community and I want to celebrate: I will send a limited series copy print signed by me of “A Wizard Without a Shadow” to those who collect this post 🫶🏻 This will also include an NFT with the same serial number minted on main net. Hurry up, only 24 hours to collect this post using Lens 👉🏻here 👈🏻

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 2nd session

A Wizard Without A Shadow (II) (093)

03/04/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪   This morning I went to Someone Loves You to draw and to (literally) feed my emerging tradition of long and creative breakfasts (link to CB). Last Monday I had planned to do a watercolour session, but the situation took a different turn. What changed regarding the first session is that today I shared the breakfast with Juliët, who wrote some poetry while I drew. Before Juliët arrived, I started to add some details and to define a bit more those first erratic shapes started last Monday. As a result of those early explorations, I got into details to an almost obsessive level: shadows, textures and even unexpected minutiae like some Escherian scenes. As watercolours take time and I was really enjoying this stage, I decided to leave the colouring for next week. Sharing the session with Juliët was great, the creative atmosphere was palpable and materialised in a more than comfortable silence. From Juliët’s text (a gem, by the way) perhaps will emerge some collaboration. We’ll see in the next sessions of the “creative breakfasts”. But tell me dear reader… Is it comfortable for you to share the silence?What detail of the drawing did you like the most? Have a wonderful day 🍳☕️ NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 1st session

A Wizard Without A Shadow (I) (086)

27/03/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪   This morning I woke up and I wanted to treat myself with a nice breakfast. Monday breakfasts are not a tradition yet, but they are on their way to become so (link to 58). I give this moment to myself after having worked in the markets during the whole weekend. Today I visited the café “Someone Loves You”, located in Schöneberg, near my place. I woke up late, I went late, and I took all the time to enjoy my meal. I was decided to have a moment off so I brought no computer, just a sketchpad, pens and watercolours. Generally there are great waitresses and waiters at this bar, and today wasn’t the exception: L. brought me every thing with a big smile in her face. I know that being a waitress/waiter can be heavy sometimes, so today’s post is dedicated to those who manage to do their jobs with a smile, like L. During the session, I took some pictures and I partially recorded the creative process. I did the following time lapse video with that material: Next Monday I’ll try to do another session, but putting some watercolours. Let’s see if I can set up my phone to broadcast that live session for my first time on @lensprotocol . Keep tuned for more!   But tell me dear reader… Have you visited Schöneberg?What’s your favourite café for treating yourself with a breakfast? Good evening 🍳☕️ Postscript The name of the drawing “A Wizard Without a Shadow” is an homage to Anastasiia Ternova, who has many wonderful articles and an art performance under the name “The Wizard Without Shadow”, you can check it here. NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻