A Wizard Without A Shadow (III) (100)

A Wizard Without A Shadow (III) (100)

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 3rd session

10/04/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

It is official: I have a tradition of creative breakfasts on Mondays. Today, Juliët joined me again, and dedicated her time to write some nice things that hopefully will see the public light soon 👀. We spent more than two hours, time in which I started to paint A Wizard Without a Shadow.

This morning the weather was incredibly nice, a clear perfume of spring in the air, open sky, and lots of sunlight. That’s why Juliët proposed to visit a place with an open terrace: the Kaffeebar Jacobi. What an amazing place!

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 3rd session
A Wizard Without a Shadow – 3rd session

This café is located in the limit of a cemetery near Hermannplatz, but totally covered from the chaos of this spot of the city. The whole session was very pleasant, as people around us were also in a creative / pacific / slow mood either reading, writing or chatting.

Next Monday I will do the last session of watercolours, and I will give for finished the drawing (hopefully!). In any case, it looks like this artwork is going to be well received: isn’t even finished yet and L. already asked me for a copy yesterday at the market.


But tell me dear reader…

How many repetitions do you think we need to define a tradition?
Do you like to enjoy a free time near a cemetery?

Have a wonderful day 🍳☕️



Today’s is a #CelebrationPost : 100 days of daily posts!

I feel super grateful with all the Lens community and I want to celebrate: I will send a limited series copy print signed by me of “A Wizard Without a Shadow” to those who collect this post 🫶🏻

This will also include an NFT with the same serial number minted on main net.

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