A Wizard Without A Shadow (II) (093)

A Wizard Without A Shadow (II) (093)

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 2nd session

03/04/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪  

This morning I went to Someone Loves You to draw and to (literally) feed my emerging tradition of long and creative breakfasts (link to CB). Last Monday I had planned to do a watercolour session, but the situation took a different turn.

What changed regarding the first session is that today I shared the breakfast with Juliët, who wrote some poetry while I drew. Before Juliët arrived, I started to add some details and to define a bit more those first erratic shapes started last Monday.

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 2nd session
A Wizard Without a Shadow – 2nd session

As a result of those early explorations, I got into details to an almost obsessive level: shadows, textures and even unexpected minutiae like some Escherian scenes. As watercolours take time and I was really enjoying this stage, I decided to leave the colouring for next week.

Sharing the session with Juliët was great, the creative atmosphere was palpable and materialised in a more than comfortable silence. From Juliët’s text (a gem, by the way) perhaps will emerge some collaboration. We’ll see in the next sessions of the “creative breakfasts”.

But tell me dear reader…

Is it comfortable for you to share the silence?
What detail of the drawing did you like the most?

Have a wonderful day 🍳☕️


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