Impossible Things Alt 01 – I (158)

Impossible Things Alt 01 – I (158)

Impossible Things Alt 01 (I)

07/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

Today I did another photogrammetry [link to 146] for getting the clean structure of the drawing #ImpossibleThings. After finishing the work I was thinking in which size should I print it for the weekend and in the meantime I got an idea:

During more than 6 months Criptolandia community has been giving me lots of valuable information and support about the crypto world: quality twitter threads, YouTube videos, drops alerts… and not just that, but also a wonderful company as community 🥰🫶🏻

Impossible Things Alt 01 (I)
Impossible Things Alt 01

So here is the thing: during the next weekend I’ll meet in real life two of the founders of this community, @Juanpi and @PIcciano. I thought that this occasion would be wonderful for giving back something to them: a #phygital alternative version of Impossible Things.

We don’t know the details of the drop yet (we are working on it!) but there is something sure: I need to have the artwork ready. I decided to try something “new” and to colour the “just baked” structure using digital painting.

Disclaimer: do not reproach me dear reader for my way of doing digital colour with vectors. I accept I’m not the most productive guy with this (I used to do the same process with Corel Draw when I was 12, it sees I haven’t learnt anything at all…).

But tell me dear reader…

Once finished, which tonality of colours would you use?
Any tip or lessons for using Illustrator better? 🤓

Good evening 🌚


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