Month: April 2022

NFT art gallery at OpenSea

Introducing Lufo’s NFT art gallery

Today is a wonderful day: I “inaugurated” my NFT art gallery at OpenSea by loading my first artwork on it. So, are you curious? Let me tell you how did I arrive until here. The NFT community of Proof of Humanity Since January 2022 I’m participating within the community of Proof of Humanity. This project seeks to promote…
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Artwork Instant © Lufo Art, 2013

Instant, the snapshot of a dream

Instant © Lufo Art, 2013 The artwork Instant was born in 2013 as a proposal for the contest Skywards Future Artists.  According to the contest’s jury, the artwork did not match the requirements, so it was never took in consideration as a candidate. I was sure to have matched all the specifications, and ask them…
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Digital Media Art Project: Inspiration and Intention

Defining the Digital Media Art Project During the definitions of the Digital Media Art Project (PMAD) we were asked to define two important aspects: Inspiration and Intention.  One way of doing this is following the three axis of the a/r/cographic scheme, that is, defining what we expect for our PMAD in terms of function (ranging from…
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