A Wizard Without A Shadow (I) (086)

A Wizard Without A Shadow (I) (086)

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 1st session

27/03/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪  

This morning I woke up and I wanted to treat myself with a nice breakfast. Monday breakfasts are not a tradition yet, but they are on their way to become so (link to 58). I give this moment to myself after having worked in the markets during the whole weekend.

Today I visited the café “Someone Loves You”, located in Schöneberg, near my place. I woke up late, I went late, and I took all the time to enjoy my meal. I was decided to have a moment off so I brought no computer, just a sketchpad, pens and watercolours.

A Wizard Without a Shadow - 1st session
A Wizard Without a Shadow – 1st session

Generally there are great waitresses and waiters at this bar, and today wasn’t the exception: L. brought me every thing with a big smile in her face. I know that being a waitress/waiter can be heavy sometimes, so today’s post is dedicated to those who manage to do their jobs with a smile, like L.

During the session, I took some pictures and I partially recorded the creative process. I did the following time lapse video with that material:

Next Monday I’ll try to do another session, but putting some watercolours. Let’s see if I can set up my phone to broadcast that live session for my first time on @lensprotocol . Keep tuned for more!  

But tell me dear reader…

Have you visited Schöneberg?
What’s your favourite café for treating yourself with a breakfast?

Good evening 🍳☕️


The name of the drawing “A Wizard Without a Shadow” is an homage to Anastasiia Ternova, who has many wonderful articles and an art performance under the name “The Wizard Without Shadow”, you can check it here.


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These daily posts written during 2023 are part of a collection aimed to celebrate my 10th year’s anniversary in Europe. I write these posts to share things that happened since 2010 when I was in Argentina, a small story during my travels in Europe, details of those moments of my life that brought me until here… You can check the full collection here.

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