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Here Lufo!

or Lucas Fabian Olivero

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About me

I was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1985. In 2011 I travel to Europe for the first time, and I moved permanently to the old continent in 2013. After been living in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal, I’m now based in the city that I like the most: Berlin, Germany. 

I love to read, cats, to draw, to listen good music and to have long breakfasts with eggs, avocado, toasts and coffee…

As life helped me a lot, I also like to help people, help them to believe and to construct a better world, with more and nicer opportunities. I also try to listen and to be a bit more human every day. 

Lufo Art

I created Lufo Art to disseminate my art. Here you will find handmade 360 VR, contemporary, surrealist, abstract, conceptual, generative and urban sketcher art. 

You will see that my style moves among hybrid analogical-digital expressions: I love to draw with the computer, but I also have many notebooks full of handmade drawings. I’m constantly scratching on paper and I always have a notebook with me.

With this website, I aim to create an expansive movement, an exchange among creative minds, a space for sharing experiences involving not just graphic expression but also texts, music, podcasts, videos, etc…

My academical career

In 2004 I started the university studying Computer Sciences. In 2008 I moved to architecture and in 2013 I joined a double-degree program. I finished in 2015, as an Architect (UNC, Argentina) and a Building-Engineer (UNISA, Italy).

During my stay in Italy, I started to research about immersive drawings. This led me to a PhD program in Design, Environment and Innovation (UNICAMPANIA, Italy) that I did between November 2017 and March 2021, developing techniques for handmade VR illustrations.

I finished this PhD with the thesis “Hybrid immersive models from cubical perspective drawings“. In October 2021, this work won the “First Mention” of the contest “Targhe Gaspare de Fiore“, organised by the UID (Union Italia per il Disegno) for choosing the bests PhD thesis in the disciplinary sector of drawing. In this investigation I developed – with the help of my advisors Adriana Rossi and António Bandeira Araújo – a first systematic definition of cubical perspective, with applications in design, architecture and engineering.

Not happy with one, in March 2021 I started a second PhD: the DMAD program in Digital Media Arts, given conjointly between the Algarve and the Aberta universities of Portugal. The ongoing research focuses on digital artefacts and artistic applications of immersive drawings. 

Ongoing work

Currently, I research and collaborate with the CIAC (Centro de Investigacião en Artes em Artes e Comunicação), Portugal. 

In parallel to my research, I’m also preparing some new artefacts and experimenting with generative art using P5.js. If you want to follow the last updates, reach me out on my socials!

I’m also coordinating a project for helping people to get their Italian citizenship. The project is called “Bipolidi“, which in Italian means “people with double citizenship”. I started this group in 2016 and currently there are 7 persons working on it. Check the project here.

Latest exhibition

My latest presentation was at the International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts ARTECH 2021, in which I introduced a new artefact for drawing spherical perspectives and watching the VR results at the same time. Check it out here.

Screenshot 2022-02-03 at 17.38.45

Latest collaborations and lectures

From October 2021 until February 2022 I worked as an editor of ARTECH 2021‘s book of proceedings.

In November 2021, I lectured as a keynote speaker within the congress II Jornadas de Pensamiento Visual y Comunicación organised by the laboratory L’EGRAPH. Check the recording here.

I lectured in 2020 and 2021 within the course T.A.C. (Technology, Architecture and Communication), given at the Faculty of Architecture, University of La Plata, Argentina.

During 2021, I presented my work at the international conference of relationships between architecture and mathematics Nexus Congress 20/21Kaiserslautern, Germany, and at the XIX ACM conference on culture and computer science, KUI 2021, Berlin, Germany.

During 2020, I presented at the 2nd edition of Faces of Geometry, Milan, Italy, and at the 4º international seminar of architecture and mathematics Formulas in Architecture, Lisbon, Portugal

In November 2020, I organised with Soledad Guerra the international seminar Diálogos Oblicuos, in a crossed collaboration between the CIAC and the FAUD, UNC.

Other experiences

Between 2011 and 2018, I collaborated with the Laboratorio ModelliUniversity of Salerno, Italy. Between 2015-17, I collaborated with the company NAOS Consultingand with the public institution CINI – DATABENC.

In those years I specialised in the acquisition and production of virtual tours for the valorisation of the Italian cultural heritage. Another tasks that I did were graphic design, and editorial work such as pre-print production and publishing.

Extended and expanded

Nowadays, thanks to the research, exhibitions, exchanges and collaborations, I managed to condense all my previous studies and passion in architecture, engineering, mathematics, computer sciences and arts. The outputs are participations in international congresses, publications in indexed journals, lectures in different countries, participations in European projects, solo and shared expositions, seminars, workshops, etc. 

My wish is to keep studying and developing my skills, exploring new creative fields, applying what I have learned (and I’m still learning!), having worldwide collaborations and being on that wonderful middle point between research and art.