A Wizard Without A Shadow (Full Recap) (157)

A Wizard Without A Shadow (Full Recap) (157)

A Wizard Without a Shadow full recap

06/06/2023, Berlin, Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Today I edited the complete time lapse video of A Wizard Without A Shadow. I wanted to see and share with you all the whole process. It has been a pleasure to go through it. Thanks to this, I relive how the creative meetings started, first alone, then also with good company.

These creative breakfasts help me to cure that nostalgia we all have when we say: “oh, I would love to have more time for (insert your favourite thing here)”. I don’t want to reach 70 and just then say “I can draw now”. In reality… who can guarantee that I will be able to do it at that age?

A Wizard Without a Shadow full recap
A Wizard Without a Shadow full recap

Our life is a set of daily habits. If we don’t have time to do something we like, to meet the people we love, to travel where we want, it’s because we make all sorts of excuses to do it: “maybe next year”, “Sure! Tomorrow I’ll start”, “One day, but not today”, “When children grow up”.

However, this is not a call to the folly of dropping everything and hitting the road with a backpack with no rhyme or reason. Without a real purpose to take ownership of our lives that won’t work either.

Instead, I’m talking about being aware of the small details of our daily lives, the awareness that one day for ourselves doesn’t hurt anyone. I’m saying that people who really love you will support you in finding more time instead of making your life more busy and complicated.

But tell me dear reader…

How many days do you dedicate to yourself?
What do you think of Diego’s song, isn’t it beautiful?

Good evening 🌚


Un Mago Sin Una Sombra Β© Lufo Art, 2023

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