And if I become very tiny? (159)

And if I become very tiny? (159)

And if I become very tiny?

Ink and pencils

11/03/2016, Salerno, Italy 🇮🇹

Do you remember, dear reader, those days when I used to teach drawing in Italy? [link to 068]. Today’s drawing is another exercise I used to give. In this case, the focus was to think of everyday things as something different.

With that aim, I used to invite students to use their own phone and to draw it several times, changing the point of view and making compositions as if they were buildings of a city. The game was to see something as familiar as their phone and see it as an ant would see it.

And if I become very tiny?
And if I become very tiny?

By changing the point of view, students are likely to better understand the relationship between the external morphology of a building (e.g. when viewed from a taller building), and the quality of the interior space (i.e. when they enter and experience the building as human beings).

I used to do these kind of explorations since I was very young: I remember making drawings of my parents’ house as if I were seeing it from a bird’s perspective, and then switching to a very low viewpoint, as a child would see the same house.

But tell me dear reader…

With what daily element would you like to create a city?
How will you call a sunrise with a rising apple? Applerise?

Good evening 🥰🫶🏻🍹


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