Who Wants to Kiss… full time-lapse video (192)

Who Wants to Kiss… full time-lapse video (192)

Artwork "Who Wants to Kiss" by Lufo Art

Do you remember my first post mentioning when I recorded the video of (Who Wants to Kiss)? Well, today I’m going to show you the result of the session πŸ‘€

09/06/2023, Berlin, Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Who Wants to Kiss

“Who wants to kiss… (searches for the mouth)” is an artwork with which I broke a couple of regular practices from my comfort zone.

For example, I normally draw in a couple of sessions using pencil. Then, I draw on top of that outline with ink, this normally is a very quick stage. After that, sometimes I add more details and hatchings to give the drawing more depth and texture. Finally, I paint, generally in two sessions of watercolours: first giving the colour, and then the shadows. That is how I did for A Wizard Without a Shadow or Mitte.

Instead, today’s artwork was a huge challenge because I did all of that process in one day. Actually, in just 6 hours.

Artwork "Who Wants to Kiss" by Lufo Art
Artwork “Who Wants to Kiss” by Lufo Art


Could I have done it in more hours? Yes.

Was it stressful to do it in such a short time? Not at all! My point is the following: I do not do things because I feel that I must do them for someone else. Seen from that perspective, I didn’t have the obligation of finishing the drawing. I simply chose to do it.

You might also ask my dear reader, how did you know that you were going to finish it in such a short time? I didn’t. I simply did what I felt in that time frame, the result was going to be good in either case because it was just an experimentation.

It is also a nice exercise for your mind: one wants to add more details here and there, put some more textures to gain more depth. But I stopped myself and said: this is it. This is what we have got and that is how it should be.

A nice collaboration

Another practice I regularly do is to edit my own videos. However, this time that task was in hands of a lovely friend. She edited the video with mastery, synchronising the music with the evolvement of the drawing quite perfectly. Thanks Koromoto Music and Carolina Lares Jaffe!

The video

They say one image says more than thousand words, so I’ll stop writing and I’ll leave you with the video of Who Wants To Kiss. I hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t forget to like, comment and suscribe for supporting my work πŸ₯°

But tell me dear reader…

What do you think of Who Wants to Kiss?
Do you often leave your comfort zone?

Good evening πŸŽ₯πŸ–ΌοΈ


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