M6 Landsberger Allee (193)

M6 Landsberger Allee (193)

M6 Landsberger Allee

M6 Landsberger Allee is a (sort of) urban sketch that I did while travelling in Berlin using the tram M6 and the Ring Bahn S41. Here its story:

12/07/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

Taking the M6 tram at Lansberger Allee

This morning I opened the Berlin Workstadt and took my shift until 13. The morning was calm and uneventful, just a couple of persons entered but nothing really big happened. As the morning was calm, I replied some emails and then worked on an app that I’m developing (nothing really fancy, just something for taking care of my finances and the markets).

Also during the morning, I coordinated with two persons offering things through the group Free Your Stuff Berlin. First, with a girl that offered a Matisse painting in an aluminium frame, and second with a guy offering some colour cardboards that I can certainly use for the markets.

After my shift at the Berlin Workstadt, I headed my way to the house of Alex and Ono in Prenzlauer Berg. These fellas are two beautiful cats that I sit from time to time since August 2021. I spent the afternoon with them, working a little bit more. Then I headed my destination to pick up the painting and the cardboards.

During my trip, I started to draw on my phone, initially just faces and then capturing the people around me. I took the two pictures without the authorisation of the involved subjects, who where so concentrated on their phones that they didn’t even realise I drew them, right as that guy on the M2 that I drew time ago.

M6 Landsberger Allee
M6 Landsberger Allee

The stuff and some surprises

The Matisse print is bigger than I imaged, around 1,2m wide and 40 cm high. Initially, I thought I’d re use the frame for one of my paintings. But now that I see the image called “Women and Monkeys“, I’m considering to keep it, it is a really nice composition.

When I arrived to the second point, the guy who received me saw me with the big frame and immediately offered me more frames and paintings. Of course, I was very curious to see what we had. In the end, I finished picking up a big frame of 1×0.7m and a smaller squared frame of around 40 cm that I’d probably use for (Labyrinth 01).

But tell me dear reader…

I insist with this question: would you be upset if I draw you without your consent?
Do you have cats?

Good evening 🐈‍⬛🐈



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