I have got hacked – Update II (187)

I have got hacked – Update II (187)

188 . I have got hacked - Update II

Hello dear reader, this is the update II after I have got hacked. Today I’ll share some more answers with you.

07/07/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

Update II

In the 1st update of #FreeLufo, I explained how some things created on Lens are associated to the handle while some other to the wallet. That’s why you will lose all your wall with the previous posts if you lose your profile NFT.

Rebuilding your profile from the scratch can be a painful prospect, especially if you are building something on a daily basis, as I have been doing since 1st January 2023. I mean, is it? I could start with a new handle – something I might have done since my wallet is still whitelisted – and then work on a broad and massive communication.

The “good news” about this is that if someone cashes in any of the posts I have created, the money will still go to my wallet. Even if the old handle is associated with a new wallet. The bad news is that the new owner could impersonate me, copy the new content and profit from it. However, this can also be solved blacklisting the old handle within the same Lens dApps.

The Profile Guardian of the Lens Protocol

To prevent hacks and phishing attacks, the Lens team announced the LIP-4: a guardian to protect the profile NFT.

The profile guardian “disables certain critical actions such as approvals and transfers for Lens profiles. Profile Guardian is enabled by default and can be opted-out if profile owners want to move it to a new address”.

This way, you will need an extra layer of actions before being hacked and losing your NFT profile. The Guardian NFT was deployed yesterday.

188 . I have got hacked - Update II
The Lens Protocol announced the LIP-4: Profile Guardian

Talking to the Lens core team

These days I’ve been talking to the Lens core team, and I made them the following questions:

  • Lufo: I understand all these measures aim to protect the current profile NFTs. Do you think is there any chance to recover lufoart.lens? I understand it should be very complicated due to the nature of blockchain, but maybe you have a broader panorama of the situation? 
  • Lens team: potentially, there may be more tech solutions for this in the near-future, we are asking our dev team.
  • Lufo: have you found out if there is a way for “migrating” the content? I still have access to the same wallet, so the issue should be how to connect another profile NFT to the old content…?
  • Lens team: also asking dev team.

As you can see, the answers are still uncertain although they are working on it. Probably a v2 of Lens will better protect profile NFTs, help people be more aware and not so foolishly lose their profile as happened to me.

Fingers crossed this experience will get always better!

But tell me dear reader…

Would you like to join the Lens Protocol?
Is it better to have 100% control of your content, or leave some oversight to someone/something that does it better than you?

Have a good day 🔐👺


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