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188 . I have got hacked - Update II

I have got hacked – Update II (187)

Hello dear reader, this is the update II after I have got hacked. Today I’ll share some more answers with you. 07/07/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Update II In the 1st update of #FreeLufo, I explained how some things created on Lens are associated to the handle while some other to the wallet. That’s why you will lose all your wall with the previous posts if you lose your profile NFT. Rebuilding your profile from the scratch can be a painful prospect, especially if you are building something on a daily basis, as I have been doing since 1st January 2023. I mean, is it? I could start with a new handle – something I might have done since my wallet is still whitelisted – and then work on a broad and massive communication. The “good news” about this is that if someone cashes in any of the posts I have created, the money will still go to my wallet. Even if the old handle is associated with a new wallet. The bad news is that the new owner could impersonate me, copy the new content and profit from it. However, this can also be solved blacklisting the old handle within the same Lens dApps. The Profile Guardian of the Lens Protocol To prevent hacks and phishing attacks, the Lens team announced the LIP-4: a guardian to protect the profile NFT. The profile guardian “disables certain critical actions such as approvals and transfers for Lens profiles. Profile Guardian is enabled by default and can be opted-out if profile owners want to move it to a new address”. This way, you will need an extra layer of actions before being hacked and losing your NFT profile. The Guardian NFT was deployed yesterday. Talking to the Lens core team These days I’ve been talking to the Lens core team, and I made them the following questions: As you can see, the answers are still uncertain although they are working on it. Probably a v2 of Lens will better protect profile NFTs, help people be more aware and not so foolishly lose their profile as happened to me. Fingers crossed this experience will get always better! But tell me dear reader… Would you like to join the Lens Protocol?Is it better to have 100% control of your content, or leave some oversight to someone/something that does it better than you? Have a good day 🔐👺

178 . I have got hacked - Update I

I have got hacked – Update I (178)

Hello dear reader, this is an update about #FreeLufo and how the things are going after I have got hacked yesterday. Today I talked to some members of the Lens Protocol team trying to find out some details about the hack. I got some answers that I share today with you. Getting important answers 27/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 1st important thing: within Lens Protocol posts associate to handles but collects associate to the wallet that creates the posts. So: Special thanks to Bradley Freeman for the support. Also, thanks to every person who wrote me today to express me their support and availability. And that’s it for now, take care and #TrustNoOne But tell me dear reader… Is there something you might find out from what happened?Did I tell you that yesterday I started a new drawing? Have a good day 🔐👺

I have got hacked and now Lufoart.lens is gone - Graph at Arkham Intelligence

I have got hacked and now Lufoart.lens is gone (177)

Yes, my dear reader, my Lens profile NFT lufoart.lens is gone. Please pass the word and pay attention, as they might use my identity to f * * k other people too. How was I hacked? 26/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 The original Stani Kulechov (one of the creators of Lens and AAVE) collected this post of mine on Lenster. After collecting on Lenster he also commented on my tweet. Although Stani collected my art several times he had never replied a tweet before. Here comes the trick: just below Stani’s original tweet, a fake Stani profile (with the same picture, description, also with blue badge of a “verified profile”, and with – almost – the same handle) posted quoting a whitelist entry for a future AAVE airdrop. I saw “Stanis’ responses” late in the evening, and while it seemed odd I thought “Stani isn’t going to send me shit!”…. I even checked the first profile behind my tweet’s answer, and it was real… but I didn’t check the second tweet! So there you go, the day after I took the bait like a stupid newbie 🤨🫠 From twitter I went to the fake website signup-aave (dot) org and connected my wallet. The site asked me to “verify” in different strings as theoretically the signup list was for “users with 10+ Transactions on the AAVE Mainnet in Q1-Q2”. I don’t know that much about AAVE, so I was very curious to know if I had fulfilled the requirements or not… I signed, confirmed, and switched chains several times, thinking that either the website or Metamask weren’t working properly. What I was actually doing were transfers to the scammer’s account via a void payable function. For those interested in the technical details, these are the contracts: (Special thanks to Dan and Juanu) Voluntarily sending my tokens: lufoart.lens is gone With the first transaction I sent the NFT of my lens profile, bum, there you have lufoart.lens gone. Then, I sent almost all my tokens until I realised I was being tricked. Yes, I am very slow 🐌. Yes, I should have known better, I should have stopped after switching chains, I should have not even believed the tweet… But the only thing I had in my mind was that Stani wasn’t going to send me any fake stuff. So, I trusted, and that trust went beyond anything else. After the hack, I had the incredible help of the Latin American community Criptolandia, some members of the Lens core team, and also Lens users who wrote me privately. Thanks to all of them I managed to understand what I had done and how they had done it. Between programmers and enthusiasts I also learned new tools (like Arkham Intelligence) or more trusted websites to revoke contracts and permissions. I contacted the OpenSea team, who put the NFT profile under review for suspicious activity almost instantly. They also sent me a link to file a report with the FBI’s cybercrime bureau 👀 , and within a couple of hours OpenSea flagged the profile NFT as fraudulent. Buying from thieves Some people recommend me to offer money to buy back the NFT profile, but I will do no such thing. It reminds me of what happens in Argentina when you get robbed and then people pay the thieves to get their stuff back. There is no way I will do such a thing of giving more money to the person who already took my tokens. That is not an option for me. When things have to go out of your life they have to go out of your life. You have to accept that things happen and that everything has a solution except for being born and dying. I have spent two years undefeated of being scammed in the cryptocurrency world. I’m happy this happened now without major consequences than loosing some bucks and a Lens profile NFT. My bigger concern is the content that I have been creating since the 1st of January (176 posts!). However, it seems I might have a chance if to recover them with another handle: my wallet isn’t under external control, I just sent the tokens “voluntarily” as a series of individual transactions. #FreeLufo I’ve learned my lesson and received many great things back, like people saying beautiful things about my work and how much they’re going to miss me. As soon as I shared that my profile was compromised, Juanpi and other members of Criptolandia started #FreeLufo on Twitter for helping me. Also several people wrote many nice things about me after JessyJeane‘s post on Lenster. The same Stani wrote me privately on Twitter and shared some thoughts about this wave of hacks on Lens. You can keep collecting my posts until yesterday (number 176) on Lens and the money will arrive to my wallet and be safe there (well, if I don’t fuck the things up again 😅). Moral of the fable If you really want to help me, please mark every post created from lufoart.lens as fraudulent, in Lens, in OpenSea, everywhere… and of course, don’t trust me if I “write” you something weird. The turnaround of the story my dear reader, is what has been said a thousand times: don’t trust anyone, always check! 🥰 But tell me dear reader… Have you ever been hacked?Would you offer money to re buy your handle? Have a good day 🔐👺

Primo classificato - Receiving the certificate

Primo classificato (176)

29/05/2016, Avellino, Italy 🇮🇹 I guess this is the closing post related to the urban sketchers contest organised by the FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano) in Avellino. Here are all the previous entries: In today’s pictures you can see how the prints were set up inside the auditorium used as a showroom. I didn’t really do much: all the prints were A3 modules so I stuck one under the other with tape, and then hung each column made by 5 drawings each with two clips from above. However, the result was quite nice: an organic and at the same structured composition, with a lot of colours and contrasts. Among all those drawings I can see many stories related to the time and place where each of them was made. The last picture shows the moment when I received the certificate for winning the 1st place in the competition. I also remember the heat of blushing because I had to give a little speech to the public 😅 But tell me dear reader… Should I rebuild that drawing wall digitally?Do you like to give speeches in front of an audience? Good night 🎤🎙️ NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

19,35 m2 of dreams 02

19.35 m2 of dreams (175)

02/06/2016, Salerno, Italy 🇮🇹 In yesterday’s story I talked about the exhibition in Avellino. Today I show you what the prints looked like when they were all together: a 19,35 m2 (13,02 x 1,485 m) collection of drawings made in Italy in the period 2011-2016. Among those drawings I can clearly see my evolution: the first shy doodles when I took off from Cordoba airport on 14 July 2011, crying like a baby for having achieved what I considered a miracle ([Story 41 , Story 42]). The drawings of 2012 show another Lucas, more confident and thirsty for knowledge, with gestures capturing more and more details of reality. In 2013 and 2014 I was already making very wide and pronounced perspectives (which ended up leading me to spherical perspectives), with strong contrasts and a more established technique. 2015 and 2016 were years with explorations that began to combine physical reality and my surreal dreams. This language led me to new mixed compositions that come out of reality and connect with a more dreamlike, whimsical world… But tell me dear reader… Would you have space to hang these drawings at home?What has been the miracle you have achieved in your life? Good evening 🪽✈️ NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

Originals and copies

Originals and copies (174)

04/06/2016, Salerno, Italy 🇮🇹 2016 was the year I started doing public exhibitions with my drawings. One of these presentations was in Avellino, after the competition for urban sketchers that I have mentioned before here and here. The theme of the exhibition was the celebration of the 5 years since my first trip to Italy, and the trips I made within Italy once I moved in 2013. So, I proposed an exhibition with (almost) all my drawings from Italy between 2011 and 2016. However, I did not have all my sketchbooks from 2011 and 2012 because some of them were stolen during my stay in Paraguay. For that reason – and also to unify the sizes of all drawings – I made prints with which I covered the two main walls of the exhibition hall. But a problem arose when I saw the prints and compared them with the originals: the colours were totally different! This happened due to two things (mainly) 1 – the printer converted the colour palette, killing the original settings; and 2 – the scans follow the drawings as they were originally, but the watercolours lose saturation with time… However… after looking at the result a couple of more times… I think they weren’t that bad after all…. But tell me dear reader… Do you prefer the original or the copy?Should I scan my drawings, matching the original colours, or do I have to tune it as I like? Good evening 📠💬 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻

A coffee in Amsterdam (II) - 01

A coffee in Amsterdam II (168)

22/12/2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 . You may remember that coffee in Amsterdam I had before going to Leiden [link to 61]. It was the same trip where I drew a selfie and had a Christmas night with a happy ending [link to 81] 👀 Today’s drawing is another chapter of that trip. It’s actually the first drawing I made after stepping on the streets of Amsterdam. I remember being very tired, but the cold and fresh atmosphere were perfect for a walk in the city… I went to the hostel, left my backpack and got lost in the narrow alleys of Amsterdam. Around midday I got hungry, and I popped into a café for a piece of cake and a hot coffee. I felt super cosy and inspired, so I started to sketch what I was seeing… The result was this very light sketch that, in my eyes, represents that quiet pre-Christmas atmosphere, the whole world entering a limbo to travel back home… At the end of that journey, I sent this drawing as a gift to a Spanish friend, A. But tell me dear reader… What do you prefer to eat when you are cold?Do you like to send and receive postcards? Good night 🍰☕️ NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

Intensity IV: A microphone for the Queen

Intensity IV: A microphone for the Queen (167)

04/05/2015, London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 This is another episode of the trip to London, Paris and Milan that I made in 2015. Here are the previous stories: Today’s drawing seems a bit funny to me. I was trying to portray the ridiculous hat of the famous Royal Guard. Don’t you think the guards look like a microphone in the distance? I think so… otherwise I would never have drawn a picture of the Queen’s guards (what for?). Anyway, more than “curiosities” about these guards, I remember something more special from that day: I was in the crowd with my parents, waiting for the changing of the guards (things we do as a family and we never do alone!) and suddenly I met a girl who was staring at me… She was a few metres away, “on the other side” of the street. She smiled and I blushed, but I couldn’t help looking at her. I plucked up my courage, and when I tried to cross the street I was pushed back by the crowd: the changing of the guards had started. I could no longer see her or find her… But tell me dear reader… Do you remember any love story that wasn’t even a story?Do you think the guards dress up as giant microphones for (the) Queen? Good night 🥁💂🏻 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

Selfie in Amsterdam

Selfie in Amsterdam (165)

22/12/2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 If you ever see me waiting in an airport or at a bus station you will most likely see me either drawing or reading. I can’t be in activities that involve permanently fixing my eyes on a screen, like watching a movie, I just don’t feel comfortable. I’ve tried to find out why, and I think it’s because I have this idea that I need to be alert. Watching a film involves covering my ears and fixing my point of view, so I lose the ability to monitor the advertisements or things going on around me. I did today’s drawing while waiting for the train to Amsterdam city centre at Schiphol airport, the start of this journey [link to 61]. A few minutes ago A. had written: “send a selfie!”, and so I did, but in an unusual way… Well, maybe it was more usual centuries ago… But tell me dear reader… How many selfies do you take and then delete?Do you know how much (in %) your image measures in a mirror? Good night 🤳🏻🪞 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

A world of perspectives II

A world of perspectives II (164)

13/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Last Sunday I talked about how well the markets are going. Well, to continue this tailwind, yesterday I received an invitation to make a new market. So today I met up with two friends who helped me define my real chances of accepting or not. Because yes, I can’t do it alone. And because yes, it doesn’t hurt to have help. And because yes, joining forces can be very beneficial for everyone! For all these reasons, I spent 3 hours in a cafe with my friends, defining, asking their opinion, letting them organise me better. At the end of the meeting we had our brains fried (almost literally)…. we exchanged a lot of information! However, now I have a clearer picture: we already know what the next steps are going to be, who is going to be in charge of each of the next markets and what we have to invest to get everything ready. So now there is only one thing left to do: to do what we scheduled 😅. Let’s see how much comes true in the exercise of materialising our ideas… But tell me dear reader… Do you like brain storming?What products/prints/sizes would you add to my stand? Good evening 🦄🍪 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻