Happy 38th Birthday (182)

Happy 38th Birthday (182)

Felices 38

Happy 38th Birthday Lucas!!!! 🫶🏻🍰🎁 … But in today’s post there is much more than my happy 38th birthday my dear reader. Keep reading to find out about the great news for Lufo Art!

01/07/2023, Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland 🇵🇱

Change of plans

Today I had planned to make a much more extensive, prepared and beautiful post. But the truth is that it’s 22:42, I’m already a bit tired, and tomorrow I’m going to Mauerpark, so I have to be brief if I want to have a good rest.

I will limit the post to tell you the good news, which I will expand on at my leisure and pleasure from next Tuesday onwards.

Happy 38th Birthday: celebrating in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland 🇵🇱
Happy 38th Birthday: celebrating in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland 🇵🇱

The big news!

There are two big news:

1 – Happy 38th Birthday

Today, the earth has made 38 turns around the sun since the day I arrived on this earth. So, Happy 38th Birthday to me!

38 years doesn’t sound like a lot, but what a lot of things happened! And when I say “happy” I mean it, because if the reaper would come to visit me tonight she would take with her a happy and satisfied Lucas. A Lucas that have tried everything he could and wanted… and more too!

2 – Lufo Art has now a physical shop

As of today, Lufo Art has a physical space, a mixture of gallery, shop and workshop.

The place is called Berlin Workstadt, and is located in the excellent position of Brunnenstraße 26, very close to the Rosenthaler Platz stop. From next Tuesday 04/07 on, I will be there, not only with a permanent exhibition and selling my drawings during the week, but also producing more material and dedicating myself fully to it.

Lots of love

From the moment I communicated these two news on my Instagram this morning, I received SO much love, greetings, messages, photos and calls, that I still have several unanswered conversations. To all of you, IMMENSE THANKS!

The joy I feel my dear reader has no name…. To start with a physical space on my birthday is more than significant. Cross your fingers that things go well! And then I think: I have a physical space to sell my art, in Berlin, no less…. my dream…!

Tomorrow I will tell you about my last day in Kostrzyn nad Odrą and a bit more about the new space. For now, I leave you a drawing I made in Rehfelde, a tiny village where I ate today coming back from Poland.

Felices 38
Happy 38th: a tavern in Rehfelde

But tell me dear reader…

What is the best gift you could receive for your birthday?
Will you come to visit me in the gallery?

Good evening 🖼🎂



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