34 in Toulouse (183)

34 in Toulouse (183)

34 en Toulouse

Do you want to know my dear reader how I celebrated my first 34 years of life in Toulouse?
In today’s post I’ll tell you about this beautiful city in France, and what does “switcheó” mean 👀

34 en Toulouse

01/07/2019, Toulouse, France 🇳🇱

Since it’s my birthday time, I’ll remember another place I visited a couple of years ago: Toulouse. I arrived to that city because of something as random as choosing a place for the price of the air tickets, as I had mentioned I do in yesterday’s post.

I liked the city: not too big and not too small by European standards, still with a certain charm of the historical centre, nice riverbanks, and with a fresh air of a young city… not because the city is young of course, but because there are a lot of young people.

34 en Toulouse
34 in Toulouse: the park where I found the festival and a dragon

I remember getting a fairly central room in a hotel with few stars and a lot of surprises, where I stayed between 28/06 and 02/07/2019. The hotel was close to a local market which I visited several times, and where I bought fresh fruits that I brought with me during my walks.

Human scale

If there is one thing I did in Toulouse, it was walking, lots and lots of walking. The city seemed to me to have the perfect human scale to be explored on foot. Although it was summer, the temperature was still acceptable so as not to die of dehydration under the sun.

On one of these walks I discovered a giant park, full of people, in a sort of electronic music festival. It was wonderful, I bought a beer and sat on the grass listening to the music, with absolutely no worries ahead of me.

The night of my birthday, I went to the Concorde bar, a place with those little round French tables as small as characteristic. There I drank a good beer and made this little drawing that I am sharing with you today.

34 en Toulouse
34 in Toulouse: “something did clap and it switcheó”

In the drawing you can read “Something did clap and it switcheó”. “Switcheó”, a very streetwise and informal Spanish adaptation of “switching”, is an expression that C. taught me in 2017. “Switcheó” is the action of suddenly changing our mood, for example from anger to joy, or whatever, but fast.

This expression is very much connected with the drawing “Ants 01“, but that will be a story for another day…

But tell me dear reader…

Have you visited Toulouse?
What do you think of the little tables where you can’t even fit a peanut plate?
Good evening 🍺🥜



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