Originals and copies (174)

Originals and copies (174)

Originals and copies

04/06/2016, Salerno, Italy 🇮🇹

2016 was the year I started doing public exhibitions with my drawings. One of these presentations was in Avellino, after the competition for urban sketchers that I have mentioned before here and here.

The theme of the exhibition was the celebration of the 5 years since my first trip to Italy, and the trips I made within Italy once I moved in 2013. So, I proposed an exhibition with (almost) all my drawings from Italy between 2011 and 2016.

Originals and copies
Originals and copies

However, I did not have all my sketchbooks from 2011 and 2012 because some of them were stolen during my stay in Paraguay. For that reason – and also to unify the sizes of all drawings – I made prints with which I covered the two main walls of the exhibition hall.

But a problem arose when I saw the prints and compared them with the originals: the colours were totally different! This happened due to two things (mainly) 1 – the printer converted the colour palette, killing the original settings; and 2 – the scans follow the drawings as they were originally, but the watercolours lose saturation with time…

However… after looking at the result a couple of more times… I think they weren’t that bad after all….

But tell me dear reader…

Do you prefer the original or the copy?
Should I scan my drawings, matching the original colours, or do I have to tune it as I like?

Good evening 📠💬


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