Mitte session II (170)

Mitte session II (170)

Mitte session II 01

19/06/2023, Berlin, Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

After doing the structure of Mitte a couple of days ago, today I did the first watercolour session. You will say: wait a minute, where is the time lapse video? Well, I have the recordings but I’m too tired to edit it today.

You may wonder why I feel this way… I can tell you that my morning started late (very late!) and then I had a totally unexpected meeting that could give a new future to Lufo Art. So, I could start painting just after that meeting, more exactly at 14:30.

Mitte session II 01
Mitte session II 01

I spent lovely 5 hours in Weinerei Forum, near Rosenthaler Platz, a place I got to know thanks to T. a couple of months ago. During the whole session, I had the wonderful company of N.: we ate, drank coffee and talked about life.

On my way home something super nice happened: I was in the U-bahn and I took my drawing out of the folder to look at the results again. Then, a random person spoke to me to say nice things about my art…. You can’t imagine how good does that feel!

Tomorrow I will edit the video and I will share it with you all…

But tell me dear reader…

What do you think about the result?
How was your Monday?

Good evening πŸšˆπŸ›Έ


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