Mitte – I (166)

Mitte – I (166)

15/06/2023, Berlin, Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Whoever has followed my work during the last months and has some knowledge of perspective, will have noticed that I have gone through different systems of representation while playing with Escher-like effects.

It all started when I tried to bring these paradoxes into a 360Β° drawing called Paradoxes. The attempt was put on hold due to an ambiguity that I noticed and tried to understand theoretically right after.

Mitte session I
Mitte session I

Because of this problem, I went back to the starting point: parallel perspectives. I did some explorations using 30ΒΊ/60ΒΊ and 45ΒΊ parallel perspectives:

However, the problem I encountered lies in the use of conical perspectives. So, after familiarising myself with certain things about parallel perspectives I wanted to give them a try. In fact, in Impossible Things I used a conical perspective with one vanishing point.

Today it was the turn of a conical perspective with two vanishing points. I chose this topic for today’s creative meeting in our beloved FREA Bakery… a wonderful meeting by the way! With the lovely company of Cintia,Β Nacho,Β Tineke, and a new member:Β Max,Β a very talented draughtsman from Italy.

But tell me dear reader…

What do you think of these explorations?
Did you like the camera set-up?

Good evening πŸͺœπŸͺ†


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