Mitte session II . Video (171)

Mitte session II . Video (171)

20/06/2023, Berlin, Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Yesterday I promised to upload the time lapse video of the 2nd session of #Mitte. So here I am, keeping my word. Today was a very calm but productive day. It started with a beautiful rain, the kind that rains like vertical waterfalls with big drops almost noiselessly.

The morning had been very humid, so the rain plus a little wind helped a lot to make the atmosphere fresher. I took advantage of that atmosphere to write a few paragraphs for an article I am preparing, while sipping my morning coffee and watching the green of the park in front of me.

Mitte session II Video
Mitte session II 03

When I left the house it stopped raining, and when I came out of the subway, half an hour later, the humidity had risen again to 50000% 🫠. I spent the afternoon at a place I’ll call G. for now (you may hear more often about this place soon πŸ‘€).

Initially, I had hoped to finish Mitte today, but when I arrived at this place the table I planned to use was occupied. So I gave up on my initial plan, kept writing some more paragraphs and then edited the video…

But tell me dear reader…

Do you like the picture in this video better, with the drawing more stable?
Or do you prefer the drawing to rotate more often, to make the video more dynamic?

Good night πŸΏοΈπŸ’§


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