More Berlin TV Towers (169)

More Berlin TV Towers (169)

More Berlin TV Towers (alt 17)

18/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

Good evening my dear reader!

Today I share with you more alternative versions of Tuned in Berlin. Here and here you can find some of the previous variations.

Let me make a suggestion: if you ever draw Berlin’s TV Tower and find yourself selling drawings in the Mauerpark, I strongly recommend you to do this kind of variations to increase your sells… Ah! You don’t paint? Awesome, then you can buy them from me 🤪😂

Talking seriously, these alternative versions are a hit. I’m above number 20 in the series: they’re selling pretty well since I started with them a couple of weeks ago. And even more since I implemented the Towers of Mordor

Just today I sold four of them. And during the market I’ve also painted four new versions, so I can say that I’ve sold what I’ve painted… It took me less than an hour to paint all four (selling in between).

But of course, this is the tip of the iceberg, how many things did I do before to get the original? How many things did I need to learn and try before I knew this formula would work?

But tell me dear reader…

Knowing that there are more than 20 versions out there…
Would you still consider them exclusive and buy one from me?

Good evening ✈️🎡


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