Drying watercolour stains (172)

Drying watercolour stains (172)

Drying watercolour stains

20/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

Yesterday after editing the video of Mitte I went to a bar for a bite to eat.. While I was waiting for the food to arrive I started to observe the people around me. This is something I like to do also in the underground, just watching people looking at their phones, totally lost and abstracted from this world.

Sometimes I even play in my head what they would be doing: whether they would be talking to someone (in that case I also include some imaginary dialogues), watching some video, or just feeling their dopamine levels rising by scrolling up and down an endless “wall”.

Drying watercolour stains
Drying watercolour stains

Sometimes I’m a bit terrified of becoming an automaton, an empty human, so I try to connect with physical reality and let digital habits not take up all my time. So yesterday I tried this game: I made some random stains with watercolours and watched them drip away and dry.

You might think: that’s boring as hell. Well, I’m not going to say it’s like an action movie. However, as I was focusing on the spots I entered a meditative state and started to perceive things happening around me without looking at them: conversations, movements, people stopping and looking at my painting too…

But tell me dear reader…

Would you be able to see watercolour stains drying instead of Netflix?
Have you seen the beautiful shades of colours blending and drying?

Good evening 👀🎨


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