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Mitte (III) Last session

Mitte III . Last session (173)

22/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Today I finished Mitte, another work of the Escher-like collection I’m doing, the 1st one using two vanishing points, and the 1st one dedicated to a Berlin neighbourhood. Here are the previous sessions: I confess that I am very satisfied with the result. As you can see, the work has changed radically with respect to the first colouring session. Now, instead of having a carnival of colours in the background, it has become more uniform and with fewer tones. I mean, the drawing is still very colourful but with many unified spots, which gives a clearer vision of the geometry. Today’s creative meeting was at the lovely Coffee Pony in Schöneberg. N., M. and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon, and got a wonderful table near the window (thanks guys!). Tomorrow I’ll try to scan the drawing although I probably won’t get to print it before the markets BECAUSE… … because there is a wonderful surprise for you all 👀…. What would it be, what would it be Lufo, tell us about it! Well, I can only say…. But tell me dear reader… What do you think of the new Mitte artwork?What do you think my surprise might be about? Good evening ☕️🥮 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

Drying watercolour stains

Drying watercolour stains (172)

20/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Yesterday after editing the video of Mitte I went to a bar for a bite to eat.. While I was waiting for the food to arrive I started to observe the people around me. This is something I like to do also in the underground, just watching people looking at their phones, totally lost and abstracted from this world. Sometimes I even play in my head what they would be doing: whether they would be talking to someone (in that case I also include some imaginary dialogues), watching some video, or just feeling their dopamine levels rising by scrolling up and down an endless “wall”. Sometimes I’m a bit terrified of becoming an automaton, an empty human, so I try to connect with physical reality and let digital habits not take up all my time. So yesterday I tried this game: I made some random stains with watercolours and watched them drip away and dry. You might think: that’s boring as hell. Well, I’m not going to say it’s like an action movie. However, as I was focusing on the spots I entered a meditative state and started to perceive things happening around me without looking at them: conversations, movements, people stopping and looking at my painting too… But tell me dear reader… Would you be able to see watercolour stains drying instead of Netflix?Have you seen the beautiful shades of colours blending and drying? Good evening 👀🎨 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

Mitte session II . Video (171)

20/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Yesterday I promised to upload the time lapse video of the 2nd session of #Mitte. So here I am, keeping my word. Today was a very calm but productive day. It started with a beautiful rain, the kind that rains like vertical waterfalls with big drops almost noiselessly. The morning had been very humid, so the rain plus a little wind helped a lot to make the atmosphere fresher. I took advantage of that atmosphere to write a few paragraphs for an article I am preparing, while sipping my morning coffee and watching the green of the park in front of me. When I left the house it stopped raining, and when I came out of the subway, half an hour later, the humidity had risen again to 50000% 🫠. I spent the afternoon at a place I’ll call G. for now (you may hear more often about this place soon 👀). Initially, I had hoped to finish Mitte today, but when I arrived at this place the table I planned to use was occupied. So I gave up on my initial plan, kept writing some more paragraphs and then edited the video… But tell me dear reader… Do you like the picture in this video better, with the drawing more stable?Or do you prefer the drawing to rotate more often, to make the video more dynamic? Good night 🐿️💧 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

Mitte session II 01

Mitte session II (170)

19/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 After doing the structure of Mitte a couple of days ago, today I did the first watercolour session. You will say: wait a minute, where is the time lapse video? Well, I have the recordings but I’m too tired to edit it today. You may wonder why I feel this way… I can tell you that my morning started late (very late!) and then I had a totally unexpected meeting that could give a new future to Lufo Art. So, I could start painting just after that meeting, more exactly at 14:30. I spent lovely 5 hours in Weinerei Forum, near Rosenthaler Platz, a place I got to know thanks to T. a couple of months ago. During the whole session, I had the wonderful company of N.: we ate, drank coffee and talked about life. On my way home something super nice happened: I was in the U-bahn and I took my drawing out of the folder to look at the results again. Then, a random person spoke to me to say nice things about my art…. You can’t imagine how good does that feel! Tomorrow I will edit the video and I will share it with you all… But tell me dear reader… What do you think about the result?How was your Monday? Good evening 🚈🛸 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

More Berlin TV Towers (alt 17)

More Berlin TV Towers (169)

18/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Good evening my dear reader! Today I share with you more alternative versions of Tuned in Berlin. Here and here you can find some of the previous variations. Let me make a suggestion: if you ever draw Berlin’s TV Tower and find yourself selling drawings in the Mauerpark, I strongly recommend you to do this kind of variations to increase your sells… Ah! You don’t paint? Awesome, then you can buy them from me 🤪😂 Talking seriously, these alternative versions are a hit. I’m above number 20 in the series: they’re selling pretty well since I started with them a couple of weeks ago. And even more since I implemented the Towers of Mordor https://lenster.xyz/posts/0xd3a4-0x064b Just today I sold four of them. And during the market I’ve also painted four new versions, so I can say that I’ve sold what I’ve painted… It took me less than an hour to paint all four (selling in between). But of course, this is the tip of the iceberg, how many things did I do before to get the original? How many things did I need to learn and try before I knew this formula would work? But tell me dear reader… Knowing that there are more than 20 versions out there…Would you still consider them exclusive and buy one from me? Good evening ✈️🎡 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

A coffee in Amsterdam (II) - 01

A coffee in Amsterdam II (168)

22/12/2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 . You may remember that coffee in Amsterdam I had before going to Leiden [link to 61]. It was the same trip where I drew a selfie and had a Christmas night with a happy ending [link to 81] 👀 Today’s drawing is another chapter of that trip. It’s actually the first drawing I made after stepping on the streets of Amsterdam. I remember being very tired, but the cold and fresh atmosphere were perfect for a walk in the city… I went to the hostel, left my backpack and got lost in the narrow alleys of Amsterdam. Around midday I got hungry, and I popped into a café for a piece of cake and a hot coffee. I felt super cosy and inspired, so I started to sketch what I was seeing… The result was this very light sketch that, in my eyes, represents that quiet pre-Christmas atmosphere, the whole world entering a limbo to travel back home… At the end of that journey, I sent this drawing as a gift to a Spanish friend, A. But tell me dear reader… What do you prefer to eat when you are cold?Do you like to send and receive postcards? Good night 🍰☕️ NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

Intensity IV: A microphone for the Queen

Intensity IV: A microphone for the Queen (167)

04/05/2015, London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 This is another episode of the trip to London, Paris and Milan that I made in 2015. Here are the previous stories: Today’s drawing seems a bit funny to me. I was trying to portray the ridiculous hat of the famous Royal Guard. Don’t you think the guards look like a microphone in the distance? I think so… otherwise I would never have drawn a picture of the Queen’s guards (what for?). Anyway, more than “curiosities” about these guards, I remember something more special from that day: I was in the crowd with my parents, waiting for the changing of the guards (things we do as a family and we never do alone!) and suddenly I met a girl who was staring at me… She was a few metres away, “on the other side” of the street. She smiled and I blushed, but I couldn’t help looking at her. I plucked up my courage, and when I tried to cross the street I was pushed back by the crowd: the changing of the guards had started. I could no longer see her or find her… But tell me dear reader… Do you remember any love story that wasn’t even a story?Do you think the guards dress up as giant microphones for (the) Queen? Good night 🥁💂🏻 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

Mitte – I (166)

15/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Whoever has followed my work during the last months and has some knowledge of perspective, will have noticed that I have gone through different systems of representation while playing with Escher-like effects. It all started when I tried to bring these paradoxes into a 360° drawing called Paradoxes. The attempt was put on hold due to an ambiguity that I noticed and tried to understand theoretically right after. Because of this problem, I went back to the starting point: parallel perspectives. I did some explorations using 30º/60º and 45º parallel perspectives: However, the problem I encountered lies in the use of conical perspectives. So, after familiarising myself with certain things about parallel perspectives I wanted to give them a try. In fact, in Impossible Things I used a conical perspective with one vanishing point. Today it was the turn of a conical perspective with two vanishing points. I chose this topic for today’s creative meeting in our beloved FREA Bakery… a wonderful meeting by the way! With the lovely company of Cintia, Nacho, Tineke, and a new member: Max, a very talented draughtsman from Italy. But tell me dear reader… What do you think of these explorations?Did you like the camera set-up? Good evening 🪜🪆 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

Selfie in Amsterdam

Selfie in Amsterdam (165)

22/12/2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 If you ever see me waiting in an airport or at a bus station you will most likely see me either drawing or reading. I can’t be in activities that involve permanently fixing my eyes on a screen, like watching a movie, I just don’t feel comfortable. I’ve tried to find out why, and I think it’s because I have this idea that I need to be alert. Watching a film involves covering my ears and fixing my point of view, so I lose the ability to monitor the advertisements or things going on around me. I did today’s drawing while waiting for the train to Amsterdam city centre at Schiphol airport, the start of this journey [link to 61]. A few minutes ago A. had written: “send a selfie!”, and so I did, but in an unusual way… Well, maybe it was more usual centuries ago… But tell me dear reader… How many selfies do you take and then delete?Do you know how much (in %) your image measures in a mirror? Good night 🤳🏻🪞 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

A world of perspectives II

A world of perspectives II (164)

13/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Last Sunday I talked about how well the markets are going. Well, to continue this tailwind, yesterday I received an invitation to make a new market. So today I met up with two friends who helped me define my real chances of accepting or not. Because yes, I can’t do it alone. And because yes, it doesn’t hurt to have help. And because yes, joining forces can be very beneficial for everyone! For all these reasons, I spent 3 hours in a cafe with my friends, defining, asking their opinion, letting them organise me better. At the end of the meeting we had our brains fried (almost literally)…. we exchanged a lot of information! However, now I have a clearer picture: we already know what the next steps are going to be, who is going to be in charge of each of the next markets and what we have to invest to get everything ready. So now there is only one thing left to do: to do what we scheduled 😅. Let’s see how much comes true in the exercise of materialising our ideas… But tell me dear reader… Do you like brain storming?What products/prints/sizes would you add to my stand? Good evening 🦄🍪 NFT You can collect this post as NFT using Lens, check it out 👉🏻here 👈🏻