What happened? (186)

What happened? (186)

What happened?

The song ¿Qué pasó? (What happened?) by Bersuit Vergarabat inspired the drawing I am sharing with you today. The mini artwork was made just a few days before painting Partenopea in rosso e verde.

09/09/2019, Naples, Italy 🇮🇹

Damn wait, it’s the best time lost

Bersuit Vergarabat is an Argentinian musical group that strongly marked my adolescence. Their bohemian lyrics and their slippery messages, their protest rock and their essence of guitar-playing in front of the campfire represented for me an ideal image at the time when I also wanted to protest against everyone, to go lost into the mountains, and to live off the air and the grass of the Córdoba mountains to cure my disillusionment.

“Damn waiting, it’s the best time lost”… says a part of the song, and that’s what I was thinking while I was in Naples in 2019. I felt like I was waiting my return to Berlin, but I also thought it was the best time wasted. I was studying and making progress on my PhD, and the end was getting closer and closer. This whirlwind of thoughts was going through my head almost 20 years later of the moment in which I was innocently trying to find the chords of that song on my first guitar.

Today, instead of sharing many more of my words with you dear reader, I will leave you with the song’s lyrics, in the hope that it will give you some interesting food for thought:

What happened?
What happened?

What happened?

They twisted your arm…
And you didn’t go down to the pavement no more
Our tired passions
Sadden this era that’s ending…

Alone in your lair
You are the secret of a lost city
I want to sing to you so I won’t forget you
One day and forever

If a great caravan
Should shake your pupils
With a procession of blind men
Who traffic in dull lights

If your lanterns don’t burn
At least give me some of your flesh
In my song you are lost
Not finding you brought bad luck, and I ask:

What happened (x4)

The sky goes out, it’s discoloured
And you don’t see it from looking straight ahead
Blind hunger bit your sun
The sea out of fear lost its eternal whine

Damn waiting!
It’s the best time lost
You turn off, I’ve turned off or you’ll turn me off
Or what do you do, or what do I do, I ask:

What happened (x8)

As I live today
That damn wait…
Like I live today
That damn wait…
And that damn wait…

But tell me dear reader…

Was this Tuesday also glorious for you?
What did you have for lunch?

Good evening 🥗🪩



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