I have got hacked – Update I (178)

I have got hacked – Update I (178)

178 . I have got hacked - Update I

Hello dear reader, this is an update about #FreeLufo and how the things are going after I have got hacked yesterday. Today I talked to some members of the Lens Protocol team trying to find out some details about the hack. I got some answers that I share today with you.

Getting important answers

27/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

1st important thing: within Lens Protocol posts associate to handles but collects associate to the wallet that creates the posts. So:

  1. The current owner of the handle lufoart.lens keeps all my previous posts in “his/her wall”, but any collect up to post 176 will come to my wallet. I clarify that my wallet is not compromised, I explained the details here.
  2. Assuming I go back to lens with a new handle, the thief could copycat all my future posts and charge for them, impersonating me and earning in my name. In that case, the collects will go to his/her wallet now associated with lufoart.lens handle.
    However, Lens-based dApps can remove/block him/her from their sites. The Lens core team can flag the handle to Lenster / Lenstube / Orb so they can decide if they want to now hide the profile. Actually, Lensvert already flagged it (thanks to DanIsNearby). These actions will limit the opportunity for copying Lufo Art’s future content.
    The other thing the Lens team can do is to announce what happened in a post and amplify/help re-establish me as ME.
  3. I understand I won’t be able to “have” my old posts on my new handle’s wall, even if the original wallet that created those posts links to the new handle. The Lens core team are trying to helping me to figure this out 🫶🏻, as the answer may also change with future upgrades to the protocol and how it all works.
178 . I have got hacked - Update I
Lensvert screenshot showing lufoart.lens flagged as a fraudulent profile

Special thanks to Bradley Freeman for the support. Also, thanks to every person who wrote me today to express me their support and availability.

And that’s it for now, take care and #TrustNoOne

But tell me dear reader…

Is there something you might find out from what happened?
Did I tell you that yesterday I started a new drawing?

Have a good day 🔐👺


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