A Wizard Without a Shadow - 1st session

A Wizard Without A Shadow (I) (086)

27/03/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪   This morning I woke up and I wanted to treat myself with a nice breakfast. Monday breakfasts are not a tradition yet, but they are on their way to become so (link to 58). I give this moment to myself after having worked in the markets during the whole weekend.…
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Full collection of daily posts (2023)

A world of perspectives II (164) 13/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Last Sunday I talked about how… Read More lufoartJune 13, 2023 Intensity III: The Tower of London (163) 03/05/2015, London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 This is the 3rd sketch… Read More lufoartJune 12, 2023 A world of perspectives (162) 11/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Salue, chère lectrice!…
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Intervention of the digital media art project

Digital Media Art Project: Intervention

The Intervention is the final step for defining the Digital Media Art Project (PMAD) within the a/r/cographic methodology (da Veiga, 2019). As so, it closes the DDB (digital logbook), which aims to testify, research and explore the full creative process of the PMAD, from its ideation until its materialisation. My DDB contains the following entries:  Inspiration: here and here…
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Testing the digital media art project

Digital Media Art Project: Testing

On the definition of the digital media art project, the testing of the artefact is the sixth step within the a/r/cographic methodology. As I previously did, I leave a recap for those who are not familiarised with what I am talking about. Inspiration: here and here Trigger Intention Concept: here and here Prototype This entry has the goal of listing the improvements and modifications…
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Prototype of the Digital Media Art Project

Digital Media Art Project: Prototype

On the definition of my digital media art project, and aiming to complete the a/r/cographic methodology, I will develop the prototype. For those who are not familiarised with what I am doing and talking here, you can follow the recap that follows. A/r/cographic methodology for the definition of a Digital Media Art Project: Inspiration: here and here Trigger Intention Concept: here and here…
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The Secret of My Eyes © Lufo Art, 2017

The Secret of My Eyes

The Secret of My Eyes is a small painting of 12,9 x 18 centimetres made back in September 2017. I can recall few but important things about the moment in which I drew it. For example, I remember that geographically I was in Italy, more precisely in Salerno… Yet, my mind was somewhere else… Let’s…
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Musicality of Drawing

Digital Media Art Project: The Musicality of Drawing

The concept “Musicality of Drawing” explores how to express music using hybrid immersive drawings, and how visitors perceive the musicality of a spherical perspective. A/r/cographic recap: within the previous entries, I completed the following steps of the a/r/cographic methodology: Inspiration, in this and this article Trigger Intention The next definition is concept, for which I developed a…
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Digital Media Art Project: Narrative, Interaction and Fruition

Narrative, interaction and fruition are key elements for structuring a Digital Media Art Project.  Indeed, these components develop the methodological approach of our art-practice based research.  Furthermore, these key elements structure and characterise the project and, consequently, define its future developments. In this regard, I was asked for the definition of narrative, interaction and fruition…
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NFT art gallery at OpenSea

Introducing Lufo’s NFT art gallery

Today is a wonderful day: I “inaugurated” my NFT art gallery at OpenSea by loading my first artwork on it. So, are you curious? Let me tell you how did I arrive until here. The NFT community of Proof of Humanity Since January 2022 I’m participating within the community of Proof of Humanity. This project seeks to promote…
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Artwork Instant © Lufo Art, 2013

Instant, the snapshot of a dream

Instant © Lufo Art, 2013 The artwork Instant was born in 2013 as a proposal for the contest Skywards Future Artists.  According to the contest’s jury, the artwork did not match the requirements, so it was never took in consideration as a candidate. I was sure to have matched all the specifications, and ask them…
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