Instant, the snapshot of a dream

Instant, the snapshot of a dream

Artwork Instant © Lufo Art, 2013
Artwork Instant © Lufo Art, 2013
Instant © Lufo Art, 2013

The artwork Instant was born in 2013 as a proposal for the contest Skywards Future Artists. 

According to the contest’s jury, the artwork did not match the requirements, so it was never took in consideration as a candidate. I was sure to have matched all the specifications, and ask them to clarify what was the problem about… but they never replied me back 🥹.

Artwork's concept

With Instant I tried to made possible an impossible vision: the shadows reflected on the other side of where they are supposed to be, the hand ¿opening? ¿closing? around that… ¿building? ¿Device? that is ¿falling? ¿raising?…

This artwork is the image of a dream, where everything is confusing and surrealistic, but at the same time totally possible and understandable (for who dreams it). 

Artwork Instant © Lufo Art, 2013
Instant (process) © Lufo Art, 2013

Context and curiosities

When I painted Instant, I was living in a university residence at the very centre of Córdoba, Argentina. The place was simply horrible: I shared room with three more persons, the “bedroom” was very small, maybe even less than 10 m2… The kitchen was something impossible to use and I don’t want to recall the traumatising memories in the bathrooms…. I remember there was the space for two bunk beds and a tiny corridor in the middle, nothing else. To one side, there was a window from which the beautiful eyes of L used to appear for some time… To the other side of the room, there was the door to a bathroom with  double door, shared with another similar room with even more people….

… who knows, maybe when I drew Instant I was wishing just to get out of that place.

René Magritte's artwork

In 2017, got such a big surprise when I visited the Musée Magritte in Bruxelles. I was walking among René’s wonderful paintings and enjoying his work when I found a poster project from 1938 that brought me back (or forward?) to 2013 and to Instant. Such a curious coincide, isn’t?

Artwork: poster project for the Belgian textile workers' union (La centrale des ouvriers textiles de Belgique) © René Magritte, 1938
Poster project for the Belgian textile workers' union (La centrale des ouvriers textiles de Belgique) © René Magritte, 1938

What have you done with you artwork Luquitas?

The original drawing finished at the hands of a person that used to do my days happier: A. I remember that I knew that she was going to pass through Córdoba’s bus main station for some and stop there before heading to her city again. When I knew it, I ran to the station to meet her, and I brought the drawing with me. Without even thinking it, I gave her the drawing, feeling that she was going to be someone who would appreciated it. I hope that I was not wrong although I never knew what was the final fate of Instant.

In another occasions (after and before 2013), I drew spots from the city with A, sharing beautiful moments of expression and silence with her. I saw her a couple of years ago again, but sadly after that last meeting our connection “vanished” up to the point that we never talked again…

Well, at least I have a wonderful digital version of Instant. Actually, I have used this digital version to create my very first NFT art gallery at OpenSea.


The artwork Instant has had many interpretations from friends and art lovers. There are no few persons that see explicit sexual components on it: a vagina, even a penis in the place of the thumb. Honestly, I am not aware of willing to include such expression but, in the end, how to be sure? Does it matter? 

I know that I wanted to mix several words: the reminiscences of the Sagrada Familia that I saw for the first time two years before this painting, the vernacular architecture of the Amalfi Coast from Italy, the expression of the eyes that enjoy what the mind is creating…

What do you see in Instant? Write me below, don’t be shy! 🥰

Have the best day of your life!


Dr. Luquitas