Introducing Lufo’s NFT art gallery

Introducing Lufo’s NFT art gallery

NFT art gallery at OpenSea

Today is a wonderful day: I “inaugurated” my NFT art gallery at OpenSea by loading my first artwork on it. So, are you curious? Let me tell you how did I arrive until here.

The NFT community of Proof of Humanity

Since January 2022 I’m participating within the community of Proof of Humanity. This project seeks to promote a Universal Basic Income as a way of combating against poverty and inequality. To do so, the project uses cryptocurrencies, and the powerfulness of the blockchain technology running on the net of Ethereum.

Within Proof of Humanity, there is a growing community of NFT artists and collectors. Their work is currently expanding to the whole metaverse, promoting artworks and collaborations that help the project. Consequently, these collaborations help to increase the value of the UBI token (the “coin” of the project). You can join or just peek the Telegram chat of the community here.

How does this work? Well, basically, there is a collection at OpenSea called $UBI pyromaniac items. The artists collaborating within this collection burn the 50% of the artworks’ profit using the UBI burner. As a consequence, the burn of tokens help increasing the value of the token.


Within the NFT community of Proof of Humanity, I proposed to use Instant as the background motive of a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol). Luckily, the community took very well the idea and released the first POAP today, announcing it with this twit.

These POAPs will be distributed for free to attendees of the community talks in Spanish, which hold every week on the official group of Telegram.

Here is how the first POAP looks like:

NFT art gallery: the first POAP for Proof of Humanity
The first POAP for Proof of Humanity using "Instant" © Lufo Art, 2013

Instant as NFT

It has been a while since I wanted to create my NFT art gallery at OpenSea. Nevertheless, even if my profile was created on November 2021 I just uploaded my first artwork today… for one reason or another I couldn’t find the time or the space do it 🤷🏻‍♂️. 

Helping $UBI and Proof of Humanity was a wonderful and nice motivation to do it. However, I must confess that I also have got some help and “a push” forward from the PoH NFT community. Thanks therefore to all of them, and specially to Laura Leticia Lopez (AKA Lety) who will help with the distribution and the promotion of the NFTs

The idea behind the POAP is to promote the NFT the artwork Instant and to sell it as part of the $UBI pyromaniac items 🥳 🔥.

Furthermore, Instant is also the first item of the collection with the concept Memories of the Humanity that I have proposed as a way of gathering artworks. I defined the concept as “an artistic point of view about our human side within the digital world, and about the digital side within the physical world“. 

No more words, here the NFT goes!

Lufo's NFT art gallery

With the NFT of Instant, I have no more excuses, so now you can visit my NFT art gallery at OpenSea: 

I’m very very glad to have started my NFT art gallery. Indeed, I think that as a contemporary and a digital artist this is something not just necessary but almost basic within our days. Hopefully, I will add more artworks soon now that I have a “real excuse” to keep it updated.

Finally, if you are interested into participating within the community of PoH, joining the project or knowing more about it, then I recommend you to do three things:

  • First, join the official Telegram groups in English and Spanish.
  • Second, watch these videos from Pablo who explains thoroughly well and step by step all about how to start with crypto, how to join the project and much more.
  • Third, to take a lot of care about scammers! Do never and ever give your seed phrase or follow links that ask you to connect your wallet, and remember that no admin will ever talk you first on private messages.

What do you think about NFT art, and the UBI pyromaniac collection? Leave me a comment below, I’m reading you! 👀

Have the best day of your life!


Dr. Luquitas