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Digital Media Art Project: The Creative Process

The creative process is an essential part within the developments of a digital media art project. For those readers who are first landing here, I recommend you to check first this previous post where I briefly introduce this project (that it has no name yet ????). The methodology that I am following is called a/r/cography (da…
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Image for a digital media art project: drawings result from the live painting session at the Godot Art Bistrot, Avellino, Italy © Lucas Fabian Olivero, 2017

Digital Media Art Project: The Starting Point

This is the first entry aim to document the evolution of my digital media art project. This project is part of the PhD program in Digital Media Art “DMAD” that I’m currently following. Consequently, I will use this digital journal to collect milestones, inspirations, concepts, intentions, advancements, technologies, improvements, etc.  The entries will go forward and back,…
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