Running all Day I

Running all Day I (194)

Today I’ll introduce you the session I of “Running all Day”, my new drawing. Keep reading to know how this artwork was born…. 26/06/2023, Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 June, as the month of movement Some weeks ago I started a new drawing that, for several reasons, I couldn’t share until today. Among those reasons I can say that June was a convulsive month, with ups and downs after the hack I suffered in which I lose my web3 profile. Also due to this reason, I jumped some days on my daily posts that I’m still trying to get back on track. June was also the month in which new things came: the opening of my physical atelier/shop/gallery at the Berlin Workstadt, which was a big decision to take. Also, the travel I did for my birthday that nicely distracted me a bit. And finally, the fact that for different reasons the creative meetings started to get less frequents, and with that also my productivity. In any case, I didn’t give it a second thought to these reduction of my creative and sharing activities: I want to keep the idea of the daily posts and the creative meetings as a something really spontaneous that gives me pleasure, right as they were born. But let’s jump into the drawing. Running all Day (I) Running all Day was born from listening to the music of Nodarling. The guitarist and singer of the band, Quique del Bianco, also sells his drawings at the Mauerpark. His stand is in front of mine and every Sunday I have the pleasure to exchange a couple of ideas and nice words with him. In one of those conversations Quique mentioned Nodarling. The day after, I listened to their last album: Space Rider during my creative breakfast at the Unser Café. I was shocked by their music, an energetic psychedelic rock with all the power and strength of an exciting space trip. Quite an experience! I didn’t know what to do when I started the drawing… I just had in mind to do a three vanishing point drawing so to keep completing the collection with Escher-like effects that I started to explore with A Wizard Without a Shadow and How Many Perspectives Are There? (see a partial collection of these artworks here. However, I drop some lines, and the music did the rest, here is the result: But tell me dear reader… How do you like my new drawing?Have you heard Nodarling before? Good night 🛸🤘🏻