I’m Watching You/Me

What is "I'm Watching You/Me"?

In academic words, I’m Watching You/Me (IMWYM) is an installation that stimulates a hybrid (digital/analogical) form of expression made with spherical perspectives. The setup of the artefact facilitates, consolidates, and extends spherical perspective’s applications both with general purposes and in particular within digital art. In other words, the artefact questions the act of seeing as a reflective action using the so-called Hybrid Immersive Models (Olivero, 2021).

In common language, I’m Watching You/Me (IMWYM) is an artistic installation that explores, exhibits and plays with spherical perspectives. In few words, a spherical perspective is the map of a sphere, right like the world map you saw every day at school. Therefore, at the first sight the drawing is twisted, stretched, deformed. However, when you use that drawing for covering a sphere the magic happens and you see no deformation at all. If you want to learn more about spherical perspectives, I recommend you to take a look to this article.

The following video introduces the basic functioning of IMWYM 1 (although currently I’m already working with IMWYM 2)

The current edition of IMWYM

The current edition of IMWYM is [IN]musicality. In this case, I use the artefact for exploring the Musicality of Drawing. The concept stands for questions like “How do we see music?” and “What music do you hear while watching to a spherical drawing?”. [IN]musicality dives deeper into the concept using Hybrid Immersive Models (Olivero, 2021) or, in other words, through the interaction between a spherical perspective, a VR environment, physical objects, and live music.

Presentations of IMWYM

You can check my timeline of exhibitions or if you want to know something more don’t be shy and just drop me a line!

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